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Get Over Your Networking Neurosis

Networking is a tricky and nerve-wracking part of the game, no matter if you are just getting out of undergrad or if you are well into your professional career. It is, for better or worse, a key to success. But don’t fear! In the Chronicle of Higher Education, Julie Miller Vick and Jennifer S. Furlong discuss concerns about how to
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10 Tools You Need to Land Your Dream Job

Many of you recent grads may still be on the outs when it comes to getting that perfect job. Check out Business Insider’s 10 tricks that will help you land what you so richly deserve! Tweet

Job search strategies: the do’s and don’ts

Congrats again to all the recent MPA grads! Many of you are still weighing your post-graduation options, whether you’re looking to advance in your field of interest or change career paths altogether. CareerBuilder’s blog, The Work Buzz,  tweets advice from career experts and job seekers on how best to go about the job search. Read through the do’s and don’ts next time you’re
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